2 chains purchased = 3rd one free

2 chains purchased = 3rd one free

Glasses chains

Discover our first collection of glasses chains. They are handmade from recycled polymers.

chaine lunette meltem

Our glasses necklace are handcrafted from recycled polymers, cotton thread, steel carabiners and rubber buckles.

To wear the eyeglass chain properly, simply tighten the rubber loops around the temples of your glasses, between your ears and the front of your frame.

Our spectacles chain measure approximately 73cm. This length allows a harmonious fall of the spectacles chain at the level of the neckline.

Nothing could be easier! Just remove the rubber loops at the ends of the eyeglass chain. You can then use the carabiners to close the glasses chain and wear it as a necklace or bracelet. 

You can wear your glasses chain on your prescription or sunglasses. Our sunglasses chain are compatible with all sizes of glasses thanks to the adjustable rubber buckles. 

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