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2 chains purchased = 3rd one free

How to wear your glasses cord

The glasses cord is often associated with grandmothers. It’s easy to imagine an elderly librarian wearing her little golden chain around her neck.

However, it turns out that this once obsolete object is becoming trendy again. This accessory now knows how to mix shapes, colors, stones and pearls to make a place in our wardrobe.

We’ll give you our best tips on how to match your lanyard in the best way.

By: Meltem

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The glasses cord makes its comeback!

Vintage is back! Today, what could be cooler than going to buy your bread on a vintage bike, a knitted sweater on your shoulders and a pair of retro glasses? Pop colors and disco influences have never been so trendy! The 80’s are the future and reinventing the past is the key to the new cool. There’s only one accessory you’re missing: the eyewear cord! 

A useful and practical product by nature, it has often suffered from its aging image, associated with a grandmotherly object. But all that is over! Fashion professionals are starting to reclaim this little object and don’t be surprised to see this accessory reappear on sunglasses this summer.

From useful to fashionable, there is only one step in a world more and more concerned about its carbon footprint. The eyewear cord responds to this new need for a sustainable object and wants to be the new standard of a youth in search of commitment.

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Our tips for wearing the glasses cord!

Be careful though! There are two or three rules to follow to avoid a fashion faux-pas! So, to go from granny to trendy, here are our precious tips:

Tip #1: Match your glasses cord with crazy glasses, preferably vintage and retro. Go for big glasses with tinted lenses, or sunglasses with an original look! 

Tip #2: Choose summery, colorful and original outfits to reinvent the use of the cord. Leave your serious side behind and take life in stride. If you’re going for a serious look, a colorful and trendy eyewear cord will bring a little touch of craziness to avoid the old look. 

Tip #3: Choose an original lanyard, with pops of color or rarely seen materials. Your lanyard should be out of the ordinary. The goal is not to go unnoticed! 

Tip #4: Finally, be sure to wear your lanyard in all circumstances! Pair it with your best smile. You are ahead of the fashion, so be proud of it! And if someone dares to make a comment, don’t hesitate to say “m****” to the old fashion diktats! 

On Meltem’s website, you can find the perfect eyewear cord to match any of your looks!

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