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2 chains purchased = 3rd one free

The glasses jewelry, trendy asset of the summer

After many months of counting our outings on our fingertips, it’s time to take advantage of summer and freedom to bring out our best trendy assets.

Colors, patterns, associations, … we tell you everything about the trends of the summer season 2022 so that you are sure to be on the page!

An amazing accessory is making a comeback in our wardrobes this summer: the glasses jewelry. 

By: Meltem

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The comeback of eyewear jewelry

As surprising as it may seem, the glasses jewelry is back in the air of time. After a discreet but noticed return last year, it intends to impose itself this year. The designers have not been mistaken in reincorporating this useful and practical accessory in their spring fashion show. 

This summer, the trend will favor colorful glasses jewelry that is out of the ordinary. Don’t be afraid to stand out and be noticed! This jewelry must get rid of its sometimes too serious image, so do not hesitate to make it a fun and crazy accessory. 

Here are our tips for choosing the glasses jewelry that will best match your style and summer trends.

Our glasses jewelry

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Summer colors

The colors of the summer of 2022 make way for softness. Indeed, pastel shades are making a comeback this year. After a discreet return this winter, they have managed to make a place for themselves in the summer collections. Powder pink, almond green, lilac, these are colors that you can not miss along the French beaches. Don’t hesitate to bring out your faded tones, they will bring out your tanned skin wonderfully!

Also, natural tones will be part of the party! Materials such as linen or cotton will be in fashion, and it will not be rare to see fashion addicts wearing white, beige or even powdery colors. 

However, the vitamin and pop colors will remain the must-have of the summer. Pink will be, in particular, THE color of the summer, succeeding the purple of last year. The spring-summer fashion shows have featured all shades of pink: cherry, peach, raspberry, candy pink, … So, don’t hesitate to take out your best pink clothes from your wardrobe, they will be a hit this summer!

Similarly, pop colors will bring back life and joy after the dark period we have all lived. Red or bright yellow will remain trendy and will seduce you. Don’t be afraid of surprising associations, the only rule being that there are none and that you just have to be yourself!

Match your glasses jewelry to the trendy prints of the summer.

This summer, the floral print is back! No matter the type of flowers or the support, you need flowers. Maxi, mini, multi or tropical all flowers will be trendy. On dresses, pants or mid-season jackets, everything will delight you. 

Also, do not hesitate to bring out the stripes, which sign their comeback this summer. 

You no longer have an excuse not to adopt the glasses chain! On our site, you will find a glasses jewelry that matches your desires!

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