2 chains purchased = 3rd one free

2 chains purchased = 3rd one free

Heishi beads, an essential material for our eyewear chains

These colorful little beads dust off the aging image of eyewear jewelry by giving them a fun and youthful look.

These Heishi beads are the main material used in our glasses chains.

Differentiating from round or square beads often used in jewelry with its flattened shape, they bring modernity to tradition.

How did the Heishi bead become a trendy eyewear jewelry item? We explain it all to you! 

By: Meltem

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A short history of Heishi beads

The word Heishi means “shell” in Keres, a Native American language. Very ancient beads, they were the first beads used for jewelry in North America, in the current state of New Mexico.

These jewels with a strong identity were mainly made of silver and turquoise because originally they were made of shells, cut turquoise, coral or a piece of silver.

This strong visual identity has allowed the Native American jewelry to acquire an important reputation throughout the world. Indeed, we find nowadays very old necklaces which are true vestiges of past civilizations. These beads were differentiated by their flexibility, giving a feeling of lightness to the wearers of the jewelry. 

Over time, this bead has become popular on other continents, such as Africa, where there are many necklaces with rows mixing these Heishi beads.

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Heishi beads, the new must-have eyeglass attachment!

This impression of lightness has allowed Heishi pearls to become the iconic pearls of the beach and summer seasons, reminding us of the necklaces of surfers. The water and salt resistance of Heishi pearls allows them to withstand all the trials of the beach: waves, sand and wind will not damage the beauty of these pearls. 

The style of Heishi pearls has allowed them to move away from the image of a surfer’s necklace to become a chic, bohemian and trendy piece of jewelry. They are now the must-have beads of the trendy and original eyewear jewelry. They will give you a unique style, attracting the eyes (and sometimes the jealousy) of your companions.

Meltem and heishi beads

All these reasons made us choose Heishi beads for our eyewear chains at Meltem. We have created original and unique eyewear jewelry that has its own personality and identity thanks to Heishi beads, which create a perfect color combination that is a source of history for our eyes and our imagination. 

So don’t wait any longer and get the must-have of the summer at Meltem Paris, where you won’t be able to find an eyewear jewel that doesn’t match your looks and personality.

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